Tips and Hacks you need to know while heading for Goa Trip

Tips and Hacks you need to know while heading for Goa Trip

When life gets mundane and stressful there is only one place that can fix things and that is Goa. A trip to Goa to experience the silken sands, sun-kissed beaches, buzzing nightlife and the tastiest cuisines offers one of the most entertaining holiday experiences. The popularity of this tiny state is huge not just across India but all across the world as well. If you are planning a trip here sometime soon, then refer to these tips to help you make the best of your vacation here.

  • Know the season period – Goa being a tourist estate witnesses several peaks and drops in footfall based on the seasons. Peak season in Goa is from the months of October to December. This is the time when the beaches are abuzz with activities, popular beach festivals like Sunburn and others are packed with parties goers and the best hotels in Candolim Goa are running at full occupancy. While this is a great time to be in Goa, you will have to plan your trip and book your hotel way in advance. The months of January to April are a pretty busy time too but not as busy as the previous months. May to September is known as the off-season as the footfall of visitors decreases due to the onset of the monsoons. This is a quiet time in Goa, however, if you seek solitude and calmness this isn’t a bad time to visit after all as the best Goa boutique hotels are operational all through the year. 
  • Do not forget to carry these essentials with you – Goa has tropical weather. It is hot, sunny and humid all year round. Light cotton clothing is the best attire to be in when in Goa. Shorts and flip-flops are great for the beach. Do not forget your swimsuit as you’ll surely be enjoying a lot of beach time. Make sure you carry your identification documents, driving license if you are going to hire a vehicle to drive, tickets and hotel booking confirmations for the best stay in North Goa
  • Book your hotel in advance – As discussed earlier Goa witnesses a rush of tourists from all over the world during the season time. In order to avoid disappointment it is best to book your hotel way in advance. You will get a better deal on the price as well as be able to choose the best rooms available. Choose the best hotels in Candolim Goa to stay in as Candolim is one of the best places to stay in Goa for tourists. It has got the perfect blend of the touristic buzz that visitors want to experience, yet has a quiet tranquil aura around it. 
  • Plan your itinerary before you get here – This tip will save you a lot of time in Goa. Planning what you are going to do in Goa in advance is a great way to have non-stop fun. Let’s help you with what are the best things to add to your itinerary. Starting with beaches, the best beaches in North Goa are Candolim, Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Morjim, Arambol and Vagator. Make sure you set aside time to experience all or any of these. If you are a party animal and would like to experience Goa’s rich nightlife then Club Titos, Mambos, Cohiba, SinQ, Soro, and Cape Town are some of the best. For all, you adventure enthusiasts indulging in water sports at the beach is a great way to have some fun while splashing it out in the waters. The best sightseeing spots in Goa are the Aquada Fort, churches of Old Goa, temples around Ponda, spice farms, waterfalls and so on. Make sure to get these items in your plan in Goa so that you can have a gala time.
  •  Try out Goa’s best cuisines – Goan food is simply delicious and stands out from the rest. It is a blend of Goan and Portuguese cuisines that have been passed on to the people of Goa for generations together. There are several restaurants serving the best Goan food at every nook and corner of Goa. The beaches host a series of beach shacks one after another serving you the best Goan food and drink. If you’d like to enjoy a Goan meal in your hotel restaurant itself then the best hotels in Candolim Goa will be more than happy to serve you. Must-try dishes – Chicken Xacuti, Chicken Cafreal, Sannas, Sorpotel, Kingfish Masala Fry, Prawns Rava Fry, Crab Xec Xec, Feijoada. For all those who have a sweet tooth, you got to try out Bebinca, Perad, Caramel Pudding and so on. Apart from the restaurants, Goa has a series of street food joints that are usually open from the early evening right up to midnight. 
  • Follow the rules, laws and protocols laid out in Goa – While Goa may seem to be a fun destination where one can forget about everything else and only enjoy themselves, do remember to be a responsible traveller and adhere to the local norms and follow the prescribed regulations when on your holiday. Do not drink beyond limits, say no to drugs, follow the traffic rules, follow the dress code laid out in public places and do not drive your vehicles on the beach (it is not permitted by the law).
  • Experience the night markets – The concept of night markets is exclusive only to Goa. You got to visit the night markets in Goa to experience the thrill of shopping like never before. These markets that operate from evening time way past midnight are places selling a wide variety of articles for people of all ages. Most of what is available is uniquely handmade by locals and foreigners too. You get clothes, apparel, decor, jewellery, artefacts, food and drinks at these night markets that are frequented by big crowds.

Goa is beyond doubt the best holiday destination in the country. What makes it even better is it suits a family, a group of friends, a honeymoon couple or a solo traveller. As you have read above there is so much here for you to do. Make sure you get planning nice and early, book your stay at the best Goa boutique hotels and have a super fun-filled experience in this beautiful state of India.

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