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Our team has been handpicked and trained by the best in the hospitality industry. Attentive and creative to help serve and solve your every request.
Our team has a wonderful sense of team spirit, warmth and generosity which is reflected in the everyday running of the hotel. Goa being a culture hub and our team is knowledgeable about the happenings around the year and forever enthusiastic to share these with you.

About Us

Yu Hotel is a part of the Star Allaince Resorts LLP and BDC holdings. The genesis of Beyond Dreams Corporation Holdings Inc. (BDC Holdings) was a start-up company and an entrepreneurial zeal for chasing the big dream. Today, within a span of two decades, BDC Holdings is a well-established, multi-million dollar global conglomerate. An effective and thought out strategy of acquiring and developing varied businesses spanning various sectors has enabled the Group to consolidate its core operations while making successful forays into new sectors. BDC is a 3500+ people strong Group comprising several successful companies with a diversified portfolio of operations spanning photography, souvenir imaging, retail, hospitality, communication and other service sectors. BDC Holdings is now geared to capitalize on its ambitious expansion plans and witness unprecedented growth worldwide while being steadfast in the pursuit to fund, acquire and partner with, mutually aspirational, established and start-up businesses internationally.