Yu Hotel – A holiday attraction that wins over family travelers

Yu Hotel – A holiday attraction that wins over family travelers

Family vacations are once again on the rise as travel begins to open up in every part of the world. At Yu Hotel, we offer a meaningful opportunity for families to experience a home base and become a part of an exciting and memorable vacation in Goa! Choosing the right hotel for your family vacation can be overwhelming, especially when you are in charge of planning. Ensuring that you choose a hotel that caters to the needs of the entire family is now an easy task. Here’s why booking a stay at the best hotel in Goa for family presents you with a splendid vacation like never before.

  • Yu Hotel’s perfect location – The first thing that a family looks for is to holiday at the most convenient location without having the hassle to spend time on unnecessary travel. Talk to a parent traveling with a kid and they’ll fret at the thought of having to travel during a vacation to the beach or other holiday attractions. When you stay with us at Yu Hotel, you’ve chosen to reside a stone’s throw away distance from the beach. Digging your toes in the sand or soaking up the sun is as easy as it can get here. Located in Goa’s most popular destination – Candolim, our guests are well placed in the heart of the best tourist attractions and buzzing nightlife experiences. The other popular beaches of North Goa like Baga, Calangute, and Anjuna are pretty close by too. 
  • On-site dining experiences – Families seek to enjoy the best moments of their holiday together as much as possible. Choosing to dine within the hotel instead of traveling around is always preferred. At Yu Hotel our guests can choose to dine at our in-house restaurants where they can enjoy various cuisines including a kid-friendly menu. Spice Mantraa offers inspirational Indian cuisine while at Noaa you can relish international cuisine. We’ve also got music across genres to keep you well entertained. If you’d like to enjoy a meal within the comforts of your room, we’d be happy to offer you personalized room service as well. 
  • Luxurious rooms and suites – The most comfortable rooms packed with amenities and a dash of grandeur is something that no family will trade on vacation. There is no compromise when it comes to living in the most comfortable and spacious hotel rooms. At Yu Hotel you can choose the Suite Grande which is the ultimate luxury bedroom that features a sit-out balcony, a living room with an attached terrace, and a magnificent bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. The Yu Suite, Yu Luxe, and the Yu Luxe Twin Rooms all offer spacious living featuring modern decor and a whole lot of amenities. Depending on the size of your family and your needs you have plenty of options to choose from. 
  • Personalized service – At Yu Hotel you will be taken care of by our highly professional and trained staff who will see to it that you enjoy the most comfortable stay. We ensure that our guests are provided with quick and hassle-free check-ins, personalized room service, and in-ding service. We take off the guesswork from your planning; our knowledgeable staff will help you with recommendations and advice on the smallest of things if you ever feel unsure at any stage of your vacation with us. We deeply understand how room service, valet, and concierge service make life easier when traveling with family, especially with kids and aged parents.
  • Special Offers – We are always endeavoring to provide the best offers that double up the fun at family vacations. These include specially curated packages with the best room stays, set dining and beverage menus, and a whole lot of unlimited fun. We offer you the ways by which you can enjoy affordable experiences that let you and your family relax together on our property.
  • Amenities – We’ve got amenities that will help you relax and rejuvenate yourself during your vacation. Our spa and jacuzzi will take off all the stress and help you enjoy your holiday in Goa to the fullest. Packed with a series of treatments on offer you can pamper yourself and loosen up. You can also stay fit and not worry about putting on that holiday weight by working out at our gym which is exclusively designed for our guests. 

At Yu Hotel we are always looking to offer helpful services that guarantee everyone in the family has a great time, irrespective of age. Let us put big smiles on your faces, and turn the family vacation into a memorable experience. The next time you think of planning a family vacation at the best luxury hotels in Goa, you know where to head to. Enjoy tailored hotel experiences only at Yu Hotel in Candolim Goa.

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